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Influencer Model Agency connects your business with the right social media influencer. Our talented network of (micro and macro) influencers gives your brand the opportunity to reach millions of consumers. Contact us today and let us know what your brand is looking for.

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Our Models




Senada Mesic


Sarah Bentman


Jessica Kozakowski


Savanna Breard


Irisa Raccha


Nicole Duvall


Kaylee Wilson


Joey Staerkle


Rozlin Gomez


Shaylene Pase


Megan Bolton


Natalie Romano


Kayla Victoria


Nicole Jones


DJ Liz Clark


Jocelyn Hsu


Lauren Muse

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Our Models


Peyton Nicole


Kylie Blakely


Lindsey Criag


Shelly Ochoa


Shana Johnson


Mileishka Alicea


Maya Wilson


Catalina Bonett


Kayla Thompson


Yara Lamp


Gabrielle Hogan


Luna Moa


Simone Banks


Terri Marie


Sue Graves


Amanda Haaygen

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